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Real-Time, Sophisticated Options Pricing

This platform allows the trader to test a wide variety of mathematical formulas to get the true value of an option. With its easy-to-use interface, you can use the same models as the smartest trading shops. Some strategies successfully deployed by our users include, but are not limited to: Relative Value, Volatility Arbitrage, Index Arbitrage, etc.

The platform comes with a robust documentation that thoroughly explains each function and the quantitative strategy of choice. It is built in C++ for optimal speed and real-time pricing. It is currently only available on Windows 7 and higher, but Mac and Linux development are underway.

  • Models on the options quant trading platform. Includes Black-Scholes, Jump Diffusion, FX, Futures, Fixed Income, and more


    Here, the trader can select from numerous option pricing models such as: Black-Scholes, Jump Diffusion, Monte Carlo, American Options, Merton-73, etc.

  • Approximation methods for the quantitative options trading software


    Pictured are the approximation choices for the trader to decide. As explained in the accompanying manual, the proprietary and academic approximation methods ensure accurate real-time pricing. Models include; Polynomial, Romberg's, etc.

  • High speed, durable, free, options trading software platform

    High-Speed Durability

    This platform was built in C++. This allows us to be in close contact with the machine's processors and it ensures maximal speeds. As a result, the platform can apply sophisticated models to 1000s of Option Chains at any given moment.

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