Quantitative trader using options trading platform

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The first low-cost and institutional-grade options pricing platform for retail traders.

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  • Models

    Here, the trader can select from numerous option pricing models such as: Black-Scholes, Jump Diffusion, Monte Carlo, American Options,
    Merton-73, etc.

  • Approximation methods for the quantitative options trading software


    Pictured here are the approximation choices for the trader to choose from. As demonstrated in the accompanying manual, the proprietary and academic approximation methods ensure accurate real-time pricing. Models include: Polynomial, Romberg's, etc.

  • High speed, durable, free, options trading software platform

    High-Speed Durability

    This platform was built in C++. This allows it to be in close contact with the machine's processors and ensures maximal speed. As a result, the platform can apply sophisticated models to thousands of option chains at any given moment.

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It's terrific to see how the quantitative landscape has expanded to smaller traders in recent years. The models are up-to-date and accurate, and the guide was a major help in getting started. Would recommend!

customer photo

Jefferey Y.

Derivatives Trader

A bit more advanced than standard and takes some effort to learn it, but better than expected.

customer photo

Fen L.

University Researcher

Hard to find such programs for non-enterprise, profoundly surprised. It works in Brazil so I have a small edge now and that's a benefit too :)

customer photo

Raphael O.

Retail Trader